5 Healthy Food Menu Every Day

Menu healthy food for everyone is very important. Since food is the principal source of energy for day-to- day of activity . For men who work every day to be thinking about food as a priority in order to undergo well. And for women is also very important because they do so much homework . Nutrient intake and energy needs to be balanced for all . With the menu of healthy meals can be represented by four of five perfectly healthy , including:
Carbohydrates . Carbohydrates are here on rice , wheat , cassava, and others. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body, but in pernggunaannya harbohidrat langgung can not be used , but through a process of digestion for approximately 2 hours to complete the energy used for activity.
Protein . Next is protein. Protein is found in some foods like tofu , tempeh, eggs , meat , and much more . Protein itself can be an instant energy or can be used directly by the body . In other words, their digestive process is very fast .
Minerals . Vegetables are healthy food menu contains a lot of minerals in it . Because the vegetable is often the choice of food for people who are undergoing a diet program
Vitamin . Vitamins are abundant in fruits. All kinds of fruits have vitamin content vary. Because the fruit is highly recommended for everyday consumption .
Milk . Here milk is the fourth complementary food on healthy foods that can be perfect . But milk is also important because it contains Calsium that can help bone growth.
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Four of five perfectly healthy food so that the body can absorb up , it must use a healthy diet as well. In day-to- day meal regularity and precision in the food consumed can be likened to a natural diet . So no need to bother to undergo a diet program that can decrease your appetite . And it is worth our attention in the selection of food will we eat is , because lately a lot of dishonesty going from merchants in order to benefit as much as possible . Let's remove the dishonesty that by consuming healthy foods and without containing harmful substances . And so this review on healthy food menu , Have a good and useful thanks for your attention.